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Are you frustrated by your sales team’s performance?

Do a few top performers deliver most of your company’s sales, while the rest - the majority of your salespeople - barely earn their own keep… or even LOSE you money?

We refer to this sales performance gap as “The 80/20 Rule in sales team performance,” where just 20% of salespeople (the top performers) produce 80% of sales. The remaining 80% of salespeople produce just 20% of sales!

Why do so many organizations struggle with 80/20 sales team performance?

Our experience has been that 80/20 sales team performance results from weaknesses in specific sales management processes such as:

  • Sales Recruiting: Does your sales recruiting process consistently produce top performers and strong middle performers, or is the quality of your hiring more "hit and miss?"

  • Sales Compensation: Does your sales compensation plan motivate your salespeople to do what you want them to do, such as prospecting, achieving new business goals and maximizing penetration in each of their assigned accounts?

  • Sales and Sales Management Training: Does your company have a well-defined new sales hire training process that enables new salespeople to become productive quickly? Also, do your training investments produce permanent changes in your people's behaviors, or do things go back to the way they were shortly after training has been completed?

  • Sales Activity Inspection: Do you inspect the quantity and quality of your salespeople's activities to help them "get off on the right foot" when they are new and correct performance problems quickly and effectively?

Developing and implementing effective processes in each of these areas creates the foundation for a predictable, repeatable sales process that will enable your organization to grow sales and profits quickly!

You can beat the 80/20 Rule in sales team performance with the 80/20 Selling System™

We have helped hundreds of companies implement predictable, repeatable sales and sales management processes that have dramatically improved the performance of their sales teams. The solutions we have implemented most frequently have been refined over the years into what we call the 80/20 Selling System™. You can access this time-tested, proven system in four different ways:

  1. FREE Video Training and Special Reports: Click the following link to access our valuable FREE Sales and Sales Management Video Training and Special Reports.

  2. Books and Audio Books: The 80/20 Selling System™ is described in two synchronized books, How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance (for business owners, executives and sales managers) and How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling (for salespeople). These books were designed to be used as "roadmaps" and provide necessary reinforcement when we work with clients.

  3. Home Study Course: Click the following link to learn about our comprehensive 80/20 Selling System™ Home Study Course.

  4. Sales and Sales Management Training, Training Tool Development and Consulting: For descriptions of available services, please visit our Services page.

What kind of assistance are you looking for?

Our business model is built to leverage technology (internet, web conferencing, teleconferencing) to deliver our services in the most cost-effective manner possible.

For some projects (such as strategic sales planning and in-depth sales or sales management training) you may prefer to have us to travel to your location for concentrated, in-person effort. However, in many cases we can accomplish your goals by working together remotely. This saves both time and money. Of course, the choice of how we work together is entirely up to you!

Want to learn more?

Click the following link to learn more about the 80/20 Selling System™.


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